1038 ceの例文


  1. There is a tradition, first mentioned by Hai Gaon ( died 1038 CE ), that Gallus.
  2. Western Xia controlled from 1038 CE up to 1227 CE the areas in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi, and Ningxia.
  3. Learning of this plot soon after his combined forces had persuaded Abu Sahl to submit in Jumada I 429 H ( February March 1038 CE ),'Ala'had the officer imprisoned at Tabarak, so the Oghuz went on the rampage again.
  4. The Jews established Talmudic Academies in Babylonia, also known as the Geonic Academies, which became the center for Jewish scholarship and the development of Jewish law in Babylonia from roughly 500 CE to 1038 CE . The two most famous academies were the Pumbedita Academy and the Sura Academy.
  5. Outnumbered, many of the Oghuz fled once more, and at the end of 429 H ( 1038 CE ) a large group came to Ray, where they allied with Fana-Khusrau, son of Majd al-Daula, and Kam-Rava, Daylamite ruler of Saveh, to besiege the city .'Ala'abandoned Ray to its fate, followed by many well-informed citizens, and the Oghuz once again began looting.


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