1132 adの例文


  1. It was finished and consecrated by Pope Innocent II around 1132 AD . The church was regarded as one of the wonders of the Middle Ages.
  2. Zaid died on 16th Rabi-us-Sani, 526 Hijri, 6 March 1132 AD at age 64 and was buried by his mother's side, near the Dada Abdullah Ka Talaab well on the outskirts of Zaidpur.
  3. The second castle was built on the site of the first castle in c . 1132 AD . It was a 3-storey tower, commanding a strategic view over much of the surrounding countryside, and was eminently defensible, with Lydford Gorge on one side, and the land sloping steeply away from it.
  4. Although numerous naval battles took place before the 12th century, such as the large-scale Three Kingdoms Battle of Chibi in the year 208, it was during the Song Dynasty ( 960 1279 AD ) that the Chinese established a permanent, standing navy in 1132 AD . At its height by the late 12th century there were 20 First and Second Opium Wars, which shook up the generals of the Qing dynasty, the government attached greater importance to the navy.


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