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  1. They were soon met with the PVA 342nd Regiment from the 114th Division.
  2. The People's Republic of China's "'114th Division "'is a division of the People's Armed Police.
  3. Soviet attempts to break through the U-line at Nietj鋜vi ended with clear Soviet failure on July 17 when Finnish counterattack regained the lost positions on the U-line causing severe losses to the Soviet 114th Division.
  4. On the night of November 27, the advancing PVA 114th Division of the 38th Corps under the command of Zhai Zhongyu ambushed and destroyed the Turkish Brigade's reconnaissance platoon, alerting the entire brigade in the process.
  5. They were soon met with the PVA 342nd Regiment of the 114th Division, Observing that Wawon was surrounded by hills occupied by the Chinese, Yaz1c1 ordered the Turkish Brigade to withdraw westward to the village of Sinim-ri.


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