11th millenniumの例文


  1. No archaeological evidence of " Homo sapiens " before the 11th millennium has yet been discovered.
  2. The "'11th millennium BCE in North American history "'provides a timeline of events occurring within the North American continent from 11000 BCE through 10001 BCE in the Gregorian calendar.
  3. The earliest Japanese pottery was made around the 11th millennium BCE . JMmon ware emerged in the 6th millennium BCE and the plainer Yayoi style in about the 4th century BCE . This early pottery was soft earthenware, fired at low temperatures.
  4. Three periods of occupation were detected : the Natufian period in the 11th millennium BC, a Pre-Pottery Neolithic B ( PPNB ) village with masonry construction in the 7th millennium BC and a Nabatean period dating to the 1st or 2nd century BC.
  5. In the most recent studies ( forthcoming ), Militarev has obtained an earlier date for Proto-Afrasian, namely the mid-11th millennium B . C . E ., which is supposed to be more grounded, as this time his lexicostatistical and glottochronological analysis of 50 most stable words of Swadesh list was applied to many more ( 170 ) languages representing all Afrasian branches, groups and subgroups, and consistently includes the etymological background of every item whenever possible.


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