11th ss panzer armyの例文


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  1. In late January, " Nordland " was assigned to Steiner's 11th SS Panzer Army, which was now forming in anticipation of the Soviet attack on Berlin.
  2. Transferred to the Oder Front and placed under Steiner's 11th SS Panzer Army, the corps participated in Operation Solstice before being assigned as the reserve corps to 3rd Panzer Army.
  3. Many of the units formerly subordinated to the 11th SS Panzer Army were transferred to the 3rd Panzer Army and other units were assigned to the 11th Army for operations against the Western Allies.
  4. After the defeat of the Ardennes offensive in the Battle of the Bulge, the Corps was redeployed against the Soviet offensives in Pomerania as part of the newly organised 11th SS Panzer Army, Army Group Vistula.
  5. On 28 January 1945, Steiner was placed in command of the 11th SS Panzer Army, which formed part of a new ad-hoc formation to protect Berlin from the Soviet armies advancing from the Vistula River.


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