11th street stationの例文


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  1. The electric interurban 11th Street Station roughly a mile to the south.
  2. Insull interests built the 11th Street Station in central Michigan City in May 1927 as a pioneering piece of multimodal public transportation infrastructure.
  3. It is located adjacent to the historic 11th Street Station of the former Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad station, which operated the station from 1927 until 1987.
  4. The South Shore Line closed the 11th Street station in November 1987, but its NICTD successor-in-interest maintains train service to the street adjacent to the station.
  5. The " South Shore " had affiliated with several regional bus lines, and the 11th Street Station was conceived as a waiting area point where system users would transfer between a bus and an electric train.


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