120th divisionの例文


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  1. As part of the First Phase Campaign, the PVA 120th Division of the 8th Infantry Divisions at the east of Unsan.
  2. When the Red Army was reorganized into the Eighth Route Army in 1937, He was placed in command of the 120th Division.
  3. Its history can be traced to the 358th Brigade ( 2nd Formation ), 120th Division of Eighth Route Army, formed in April 1939.
  4. The 120th Division would then fight its way across the Ch'ongch'on River and tie down the bulk of the US 2nd Infantry Division.
  5. On the evening of October 19, the 769 Regiment of the 120th Division attacked Yangmingbao airbase, and successfully destroyed 24 Japanese airplanes on the ground . 0


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