136th brigadeの例文


  1. Similarly, the 136th Brigade was held back and never deployed to support the offensive, while long-range fire support was cancelled.
  2. The fourth and fifth were the Pals battalions of the 30th 35th divisions, with the 89th 106th brigades and the 37th 42nd divisions, with the 110th 136th brigades.
  3. The unknown attackers fired at the barracks of the 136th brigade in the town of Buinaksk, located about 53 miles ( 85 kilometers ) from the Chechen border in the Russian republic of Dagestan, Dagestani police said.
  4. The 11th Battalion stayed in the United Kingdom as a training battalion until the war ended, with the 136th Brigade, but was disbanded in September 1944 and sent a final and large draft to the 7th Battalion serving in North-west Europe.


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