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  1. He commanded the 13th Dragoons ( after 4 March 1797 ).
  2. Collaert's brigade was made up of four squadrons of the 11th Dragoons, two squadrons of the 13th Dragoons and three squadrons of the 15th Dragoons.
  3. On March 31, 1833, Engelhardt was transferred to the cavalry, and in May 1834 was appointed commander of the Ordenskim Currasier Regiment ( 13th Dragoons Military Order of Field Marshal Count Minich Regiment ).
  4. He spent 1891-92 with the 13th Dragoon Regiment, Prince Eugene of Savoy, then in autumn 1892 attended the " } } " ( Special School for Historical Painting ) under Matthias von Trenkwald.
  5. The infantry were placed in route, the cavalry, especially the Carabiniers, the 13th Dragoons, the 5th and 6th Hussars, did their duty well and had to repair the lack of energy displayed by the infantry ".


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