149th bomber aviation divisionの例文


  1. It traced its history from the 149th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division, which arrived in Poland in May 1955 from China . became the 149th Bomber Aviation Division in July 1982 with 4th Air Army at Szprotawa in Poland.
  2. 3rd Bomber Aviation Regiment arrived from Szprotawa, Poland, on 4 June 1992 ( where it had been part of 149th Bomber Aviation Division ), and disbanded at Lebyazhe, Volgograd Oblast sometime in the later part of that year.
  3. In 1988, according to Feskov et al ., the 76th Air Army comprised the 67th and 722nd ( Smuravyevo ) Bomber Aviation Regiments, 98th Guards Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment ( Monchegorsk ), and the 138th Composite Aviation Regiment ( Levashovo ) . 149th Bomber Aviation Division arrived back from Szprotawa, Poland, 23.5 . 55 in July 1992 to supervise these three regiments, but was disbanded in 1998.
  4. From 1989 until the withdrawal from Poland the Army included the 164th Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, 245th Mixed Aviation Squadron, 151 EW Regiment ( Yak-28 ), 55th separate Sevastopol helicopter regiment ( Mi-24, Mi-8 ), 19th separate communications and automated direction regiment ( Legitza ) and other smaller units of direct Army HQ subordination, and the 239th Fighter Baranovichskaya Red Banner Air Division, headquartered at Kluchevo and consisting of the 159th, 582nd, and 871st Fighter Regiments ( Kolobrzeg  ( KoBobrzeg-Bagicz Airport ? ) ) and the 149th Bomber Aviation Division ( HQ Shprotava ) with the 3, 42nd Guards, and 89 Bomber Aviation Regiments ( Su-24s ) as its primary combat formations.


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