14th street tunnelの例文


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  1. This overpass leads to the main entrance of the 14th Street Tunnel.
  2. The R179s were originally intended to replace all the 14th Street Tunnel shutdown in 2019.
  3. In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused 14th Street Tunnel; some reconstruction is expected to last until at least 2020.
  4. Right next to the station house is a pedestrian bridge that spans west above the adjacent and parallel Bay Ridge Branch of the Long Island Rail Road and leads to 14th Street Tunnel.
  5. Holland began his career in New York City working as an assistant engineer on the construction of the Joralemon Street Tunnel, after which he served as the engineer-in-charge of construction of the Clark Street Tunnel, 60th Street Tunnel, Montague Street Tunnel and 14th Street Tunnel.


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