15th light dragoonsの例文


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  1. He exchanged into the 15th Light Dragoons in 1809 and into the 12th Light Dragoons in 1812.
  2. The 15th Light Dragoons were stationed in Bangalore, a relatively peaceful area, and Nolan did not see action during his time there.
  3. The Anglo-Hanoverians ultimately captured over 1650 prisoners, mostly due to several charges by the British 15th Light Dragoons into the retreating French force.
  4. The Anglo-Hanoverian force consisted of six Hanoverian and Hessian infantry battalions, some Hanoverian j鋑ers, Luckner's light cavalry hussars and the British 15th Light Dragoons.
  5. On 23 April, 15, 000 infantry and 4, 500 cavalry from Cambrai and Bouchain moved in four columns to attack Wurmb's force which covered the 15th Light Dragoons.


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