15th field regimentの例文


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  1. In 1975 it amalgamated with 2nd Field Regiment to form 2nd / 15th Field Regiment.
  2. Urgent requests for fire support were sent out, and throughout the night the 2 / 15th Field Regiment fired over 4, 800 rounds.
  3. It was redesignated 15th Field Regiment RAA in 1941, serving in Western Australia under command of the 4th Aust Division until its disbandment in 1943.
  4. The "'2 / 15th Field Regiment "'was an Australian Army field artillery regiment that served during the Second World War.
  5. In 1991 the Regiment amalgamated with 2nd / 15th Field Regiment to form 2nd / 10th Medium Regiment with 37th and 39th Medium batteries amalgamating to form 38th Medium Battery.


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