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  1. The "'15th Light Horse Regiment "'was a mounted infantry regiment of the Australian Army during the First World War.
  2. He decided not to delay attacking the apparently weak rearguard, as he expected to be reinforced by the 15th Light Horse Regiment, 5th Light Horse Brigade, on the way to Samakh.
  3. The Hyderabad Lancers at Jisr Benat Yakub patrolled the region from Safed, south of Jisr Benat Yakub, while at Deir es Saras the 15th Light Horse Regiment ( 5th Light Horse Brigade ) patrolled that region.
  4. When the EEF advanced out of the Sinai and into Palestine, the change in terrain led to the disbandment of the ICC . In June 1918, the Australian troops were used to form the 15th Light Horse Regiments.
  5. In June 1918, the 14th Light Horse Regiment was reformed from the Imperial Camel Corps in 15th Light Horse Regiment and a French colonial regiment they formed the 5th Light Horse Brigade, attached to the Australian Mounted Division.


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