161st infantry divisionの例文


  1. The German 161st Infantry division participated in the Battle of Kursk, under the 42nd Army Corps whose other divisions were the 39th and the 282nd Infantry divisions.
  2. By mid-September, the German infantry divisions in the thick of the fighting suffered had suffered up to 4, 000 casualties, and, in the case of the hard-hit 161st Infantry Division, over 6, 000.
  3. During the campaign, Brigadier D . F . W . Warren, commanding officer of the 161st Infantry Division of the British Army, gave Niazi the soubriquet " " Tiger " " for his part in a ferocious fight with the Japanese.
  4. In August 1942 the 161st sector was again the focus of a major Soviet offensive, this time Zhukovs attempted to eliminate the Rhzev salient . " In the morning of 4 August, Thirty-first { Russian } Army surged into and over the 161st Infantry division on an eight mile stretch east of Zubtov . The break through was complete almost at once.


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