168th brigade support battalionの例文


  1. The "'168th Brigade Support Battalion "'is a support battalion of the United States Army based at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
  2. The battalion was re-designated the 168th Brigade Support Battalion and activated on 16 September 2006 at Fort Sill, OK, with organic elements concurrently constituted and activated.
  3. In October 2006, the 2-5th Field Artillery and the 168th Brigade Support Battalion became a part of the 214th Fires Brigade . 3-13th Field Artillery was subsequently transferred to the 75th Fires Brigade, also at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
  4. Company A, 39th BSB was organized as a Convoy Security Company and was task organized under 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry at Camp Liberty for Administrative Control ( ADCON ), but was under the Tactical Control ( TACON ) of the 168th Brigade Support Battalion.
  5. Following its transformation to a modular field artillery brigade in 2006, the 214th Fires Brigade consisted of 2 MLRS battalions ( 2-4th Field Artillery " Deep Attack " and 1-14th Field Artillery ), a 155 mm self-propelled howitzer battalion ( 2-5th Field Artillery ), a target acquisition battery ( H / 26th Field Artillery ), the 168th Brigade Support Battalion, and the 529th Signal Company.


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