173d airborne brigadeの例文


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  1. Shelton served two tours in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group and later with the 173d Airborne Brigade.
  2. In 1965, Caserma Ederle became the headquarters of the Southern European Task Force, which includes the 173d Airborne Brigade.
  3. Members from the 728th also participated in the combat airdrop of the 173d Airborne Brigade over northern Iraq on March 26, 2003.
  4. "' 173d Airborne Brigade, United States Army who was killed in action in Vietnam and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
  5. Troop E, 17th Cavalry was the ground reconnaissance element of the 173d Airborne Brigade, arriving in Vietnam from Okinawa on 6 May 1965.


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