173rd surveillance squadronの例文


  1. The Squadron originally operated fixed-wing aircraft designated as the 173rd General Support Squadron and was later renamed the 173rd Surveillance Squadron.
  2. As part of this restructure, 171st Operational Support Squadron and 173rd Surveillance Squadron were placed as direct command units of 16th Aviation Brigade.
  3. As a result, it was decided in late 2008 to retire the aircraft and replace them with 173rd Surveillance Squadron on 20 November 2009, and deliveries of a further five newly built aircraft were completed in July 2010.
  4. With the retirement of the Porters in October 1992, the following year the Squadron adopted the title of " 173rd Surveillance Squadron " under this guise it undertook the aerial surveillance and survey roles and was also used as a vehicle to deliver parachute troops.


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