17th bombardment wingの例文


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  1. The wing's B-66s came from TAC's 17th Bombardment Wing, which was inactivating.
  2. The squadron was reassigned to the 17th Bombardment Wing in 1975 when the 17th replaced the 456th at Beale.
  3. In February 1963 The 17th Bombardment Wing assumed the aircraft, personnel and equipment of the discontinued 4043d wing.
  4. On October 1, 1955, Hurlburt was redesignated the 17th Bombardment Wing, Tactical, and received B-66 aircraft in early 1956.
  5. The 17th Bombardment Wing, Heavy, was organized on 1 February 1963 which assumed the assets of the 4043d Strategic Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.


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