185th infantry regimentの例文


  1. At 12 : 00 the advance part of the German 185th Infantry Regiment broke through Riga bridge.
  2. On 11 February 2007 SPC Dennis L . Sellen Jr . of the 1st Battalion, 185th Infantry Regiment was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow soldier who was cleaning his weapon after a mission.
  3. From 18 February 1929 through 1 April 1929, the 185th Infantry Regiment was formed as a result of the withdrawal, expansion, reorganization, and redesignation of the central California elements of the 184th Infantry Regiment.
  4. The sudden seizure of the Bago river bridge easily allowed the 185th Infantry Regiment to land at Talisay, where Japanese forces tried to disrupt its advance with delaying actions, but the Americans simply overwhelmed these, and on 2 April, the coastal plain of Negros was in Allied hands.
  5. On 18 March 1945, after two weeks of aerial bombardment on Japanese positions, the 40th Infantry Division, spearheaded by the 185th Infantry Regiment landed unopposed at Tigbauan, several miles south of Iloilo City, where a 23, 000-strong Barrio Tiring, Cabatuan, Iloilo, the so-called Santa Barbara airport.


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