18th virginia cavalryの例文


  1. This was granted, and on September 5, 1862, McNeill became captain of Company E of the 18th Virginia Cavalry, more commonly known as McNeill's Rangers.
  2. Following the passage of the Conscription Bill by the Confederate States Congress, Monroe volunteered and raised a battalion of cavalry within the major of the 18th Virginia Cavalry, which was known as the North Western Brigade, shortly after its creation.
  3. Confederate General John D . Imboden's " Northwestern Brigade " consisted of the combined 2, 100 men and six guns of the 18th Virginia Cavalry, 62nd Virginia Infantry, one company of the Virginia Partisan Rangers, and an artillery battery.
  4. Company G of the 18th Virginia Cavalry, led by Captain William D . Erwin, was ambushed by Capt . Abram Jones'company of the 1st New York Cavalry from Milroy's Division, working with unarmed militia cavalrymen who created the appearance of a flanking attack.


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