1920 adの例文


  1. In 1920 AD ( 1338HD ), al-Hasan was returned from exile in Malta.
  2. On December 15 1919 " Ad Astra Aero S . A . " was registered as an Aktiengesellschaft, and on 24 February 1920 Ad Astra Aero merged with the airlines " Frick & Co " and " Aero-Gesellschaft Comte Mittelholzer & Co " to form " Ad Astra Aero AG " in Z黵ich.
  3. This Frontier Force changed its name as Assam Bengal Rifles in the year 1920 AD . After the achievement of Pakistan the name of this para-military force was changed to East Pakistan Rifles, ( EPR ), thereafter during the Independence War of 1971 the name of EPR was changed to East Pakistan Civil Armed Force, EPCAF . After the Independence of Bangladesh it was changed to Bangladesh Rifles, ( BDR ) and after the BDR carnage on 25 February 2009, it has been changed currently as Border Guard Bangladesh, BGB . Although with the passage of time the name of the said para-military force was changed on number of occasion, but the headquarters of it remain in Pilkhana.
  4. Kayamkhanis also have sub-casts or khanies like Bohans / Bhuwaans, Chauhan, Ailmaan, Goriyan, Malkan, Paharyan, Tugnan, Tajnaan, Tagala, Tanwar, Malwaan, Ahamdaan, Kachhawa, Gahlot, Jaatu, Khokhar, Chayal, Moyal, Dilawar Khani, Joiya, Bahleem, Kudnaan, Mohnaan, Sihag, Gauri, Khilji, Bhati, Rathore, Majhwaan, Aakhan ( Akhwan ), Sarkhel, Sarwa, Jabwaan, Zaindanaan and so many other Khanies, these khanies are extracted from the name of any famous elder of the family, who is ahead of a large family and are for identification only, otherwise all Qaiem Khanies / Kaim Khanies are equal in level and status . The Khanzadas are the peoples of a Rajput clan belonges to Mewaat area . The peoples whom called themselves Khanzada in Qaiem Khani community are following a baseless self claimed identity . In Qaiem Khanies no one have claimed himself " Khanzada till 1920 AD.


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