1929 grand banks earthquakeの例文


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  1. It was later determined that this had been caused by the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake.
  2. Hollett led relief efforts after the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake created a tsunami that devastated the communities of the Burin Peninsula where he lived.
  3. A tsunami devastated the area following the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake; 27 people lost their lives, and many along the coast lost their houses, boats, stages and supplies.
  4. The steep slope of the Laurentian Channel was the site of a disastrous submarine landslide at the southeastern end of the strait, triggered by the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake and leading to a tsunami that devastated communities along Newfoundland's south coast and parts of Cape Breton Island.
  5. On 18 November 1929, a major earthquake ( known as the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake ) on the southwestern part of the Grand Banks bordering the Laurentian Channel caused an underwater landslide which resulted in extensive damage to Newfoundland and eastern Cape Breton Island, claiming 28 lives in the Burin Peninsula.


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