1951 fa cup finalの例文


  1. He went on to break several appearance records and played in two FA Cup finals ( see 1951 FA Cup Final and 1953 FA Cup Final ).
  2. They also reached the 1951 FA Cup Final, where they were favourites to beat opponents Newcastle; however Matthews ended up with a second runners-up medal thanks to a brace from Jackie Milburn.
  3. The club also appeared in their second FA Cup Final in four seasons; however, as on the first occasion, they lost, this time to Newcastle United ( see 1951 FA Cup Final ), who finished one place behind them in the league.
  4. Newcastle's form was so poor that by 28 April 1951, the day of the 1951 FA Cup Final, United had been replaced as favourites by their opponents Blackpool, who finished the season in 3rd place, one place higher than United, in Division One.
  5. Milburn's subsequent achievements, particularly his two goals which won the 1951 FA Cup Final and his 45-second opener in the 1955 FA Cup Final which was the fastest ever Wembley FA Cup Final goal until it was beaten by Roberto Di Matteo in 1997, brought him national recognition and afforded him iconic status on Tyneside.


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