1959 tour de franceの例文


  1. IN 1959, Queheille was the winner of the ninth stage of the 1959 Tour de France.
  2. She searches and finds the box's owner-now a middle-aged man-who is reminded by its trinkets of a time in boyhood when he listened by radio to Bahamontes'ride to victory in the 1959 Tour de France.
  3. A long-lost box of souvenirs found by Am閘ie reminds an aging estranged father of the time he cheered Federico Bahamontes'win of the 1959 Tour de France ( Anquetil, a long-time rival of Bahamontes, placed third in the same race ).
  4. Bahamontes was not initially considered a contender for in the 1959 Tour de France, but he benefited from an early escape on a stage in the Pyrenees, and then won a mountain French riders Henry Anglade and Jacques Anquetil cut their deficits, neither made up enough time to threaten Bahamontes'overall lead.


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