1959 viqueque rebellionの例文


  1. Gunter went one step further by interviewing the East Timorese who witnessed the 1959 Viqueque rebellion.
  2. FRETILIN associated themselves with other rebellions that had happened in East Timor s history, including the 1959 Viqueque rebellion.
  3. Since then, Antonio Metan s role in the 1959 Viqueque rebellion and his pro-integration stance of 1975 was  retrospectively associated.
  4. The 1959 Viqueque rebellion has been appropriated by both APODETI and FRETILIN for political reasons and by doing so they have taken the rebellion out of its context.
  5. He only relied on two questionable sources  an interview by one of the Timorese rebel leaders and an affidavit that was submitted to the United Nations ( UN ) Secretary-General by a leader of the pro-Indonesian party who claimed that the 1959 Viqueque rebellion was sponsored by the Indonesian government through bribes given to the Timorese.


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