1972 national league championship seriesの例文


  1. The Pirates went on to defeat the Cincinnati Reds in the 1972 National League Championship Series.
  2. In the 1972 National League Championship Series, the defending World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates faced the Cincinnati Reds.
  3. Javier did not make a plate appearance in the 1972 National League Championship Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates, however, he appeared in four of the seven games of the 1972 World Series against the Oakland A's.
  4. As a manager, Virdon led the Pirates to the 1972 NL East division title, but the Pirates lost the 1972 National League Championship Series ( NLCS ) to the Cincinnati Reds when Pittsburgh pitcher Bob Moose unleashed a wild pitch in the final inning of Game 5, allowing the winning run to score.
  5. The Cincinnati Reds used a sample of the song as the opening television credits during the 1973 season which displayed clips of the 1972 National League Championship Series in which Johnny Bench hit a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth inning of the fifth and final game as well as George Foster scoring the pennant-winning run on a wild pitch.


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