21st south freewayの例文


  1. At Bangerter Highway, the 5600 West MAX will turn north to cross West 2100 South before reaching the 21st South Freeway ( Utah State Route 201 ) and entering Salt Lake City.
  2. Continuing on a course to the north, and slightly to the west, FrontRunner crosses back under I-15 and then crosses over 3300 South ( SR-201 [ 21st South Freeway ] eastbound on ramps to I-15 / I-80 Northbound, the SR-201 eastbound on ramp to I-15 southbound / I-80 eastbound, the I-15 northbound / I-80 westbound on ramp to SR-201, the I-15 / I-80 southbound on ramp to SR-201, and finally SR-201 [ 21st South Expressway ] ) at about 625 West.


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