21st space operations squadronの例文


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  1. Most tracking stations are operated by operational detachments of the 21st Space Operations Squadron ( 21 SOPS ) and 23d Space Operations Squadron.
  2. The 21st Space Operations Squadron was activated on October 1, 1991, and within one year, absorbed the roles of the 2nd Satellite Tracking Group and the 1999th Communications Squadron.
  3. Until 28 July 2010, the U . S . Air Force's 21st Space Operations Squadron was also a tenant command at Moffett Field, occupying the former Onizuka Air Force Station.
  4. The "'21st Space Operations Squadron "'( "'21 SOPS "') is a satellite control unit of the 50th Network Operations Group of the United States Air Force located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
  5. Ultimately, both Onizuka Air Force Station and the Air Force Satellite Control Facility were transferred from Air Force Systems Command to Air Force Space Command and was operated by the 21st Space Operations Squadron, a geographically separated unit ( GSU ) of the 50th Space Wing.


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