21st squadronの例文


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  1. Headquarters and the 6th, 22d and 33d Squadrons went to Townsville and the 21st Squadron to Brisbane.
  2. In 1971 an F-2Bs belonging to 21st Squadron, as well as other aircraft, were damaged or destroyed.
  3. Also in November, a number of additional P-40Es were sent to the Group, which equipped the 3d, 17th and 21st Squadrons.
  4. On 2 September 1939, one PZL . 23B of the 21st Squadron bombed a factory in Ohlau, the first bomb attack on the German Third Reich.
  5. On 21 May 1941 eight I-15s of the 21st Squadron and one I-15 from the 29th Squadron flying in 2 formations on patrol encountered 27 Japanese bombers over Lanzhou.


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