3d friendsの例文


  1. The service allowed users to share Flipnotes with up to 20 people in their 3DS Friends List via temporary galleries.
  2. As the names imply, the former allows for Flipnotes to be shared with people on the user's 3DS Friends List, and the latter is a worldwide community for sharing and viewing Flipnotes . " Flipnote Gallery : Friends " was a Spotpass service included as a part of " Flipnote Studio 3D ".
  3. "Swapdoodle " is largely similar to " Swapnote " / " Nintendo Letter Box " in many aspects, including the latter's discontinued online ability to share stereoscopic 3D handwritten or drawn messages with anyone listed on the Nintendo 3DS friends list, as well as receive special messages from Nintendo . " Swapdoodle " also features an online store where users can download mostly paid DLC, which include additional pen effects, message space, stationary, and simple drawing lessons of various Nintendo characters.


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