3d markの例文


  1. This _ should _ run it at a lower temperature as well, even in 3D mark.
  2. For example, if I put together the best possible computer, overclocked it with liquid nitrogen, and got the highest 3D Mark score in the world, would my computer deserve an article on wikipedia?
  3. :Just to throw something else about benchmarks into the mix . . . A while back there was some controversy when the maker of 3D Mark claimed that nVidia were " cheating " in the benchmark by modifying their drivers so that they'd perform well.
  4. :: Yeah i heard something similar, i do believe ATI at an opening event demonstrated with a nVidia how it would process faster than ATI in 3d Mark but not in the actual game reading FPS jaja xD 21 : 50, 11 April 2007 ( UTC ) Ag for MemTech


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