67th tactical reconnaissance groupの例文


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  1. The 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group based F6 / P-51 Mustang photo-reconnaissance aircraft at Le Molay from July though August 1944.
  2. In 1947, the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group ( later Wing ) was activated as part of a service-wide, wing-base test and assigned to March.
  3. Quickly, the Ninth Air Force 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group arrived at Limburg with a variety of reconnaissance aircraft, remaining for about a week until moving east into Central Germany.
  4. The Ninth Air Force 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group moved in on 10 April and remained until July, flying photo-reconnaissance missions from the airfield using a variety of aircraft.
  5. Under American control, the Ninth Air Force assigned the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group to the airport which flew a variety of photo-reconnaissance aircraft until the end of September 1944.


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