67th venice film festivalの例文


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  1. It has been awarded at the 67th Venice Film Festival during the show " Il cinema incontra la musica ".
  2. The Ferroni Brigade group of film critics had nominated it as one of the best films of the 67th Venice film festival.
  3. The  Film Comment magazine had rated  " Nainsukh "  as one of the top ten films of the 67th Venice film festival.
  4. In September 2010, Breillat's second fairy-tale based film, " La belle endormie " ( " Sleeping Beauty " ), opened in the Orizzonti sidebar in the 67th Venice Film Festival.
  5. He is associate producer on the feature film Road To Nowhere ( The film was nominated for a Golden Lion at this year's 67th Venice Film Festival at which the director Monty Hellman received a Special Lion Award .)


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