7th special operation squadronの例文


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  1. Initially, three unique units were assigned to the group : the 7405th Operations Squadron, the 7580th Operations Squadron, and the 7th Special Operations Squadron.
  2. Combat Talon 64-0523 ( Cherry 01 ) was redesignated " MC-130E " in 1977 and assigned to the 7th Special Operations Squadron in Germany.
  3. In the spring of 1972, the 7th Special Operations Squadron ( SOS ) was assigned flying C-130Es, C-47As, and UH-1Ns.
  4. With the relocation of the 7406th to Greece, the "'7th Special Operations Squadron "'was moved from Ramstein to Rhein-Main as one of the units shuffled as part of operation "'Creek Action " '.
  5. In 1977, when the 7575th Operations Group was formed at Rhein-Main AB, HQ USAFE realigned the 7th Special Operations Squadron under its control, until March 1983, when the 7th SOS transferred from USAFE to Military Airlift Command ( MAC ).


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