a beautiful exchangeの例文


  1. Then, Abreu finished off a beautiful exchange when Italy's reserve'keeper, Francesco Toldo, deflected the Uruguayan's shot into his own net.
  2. That's fantastic, a beautiful exchange of roles : a drum solo in the terms of a guitar solo, where the rest of the band supports, Geddy and Alex playing the actual rhythmic pulse.
  3. The band, called One Sonic Society, started work on their debut album in June 2009 . Two of the songs on their EP " One " are also featured on the Hillsong LIVE album " A Beautiful Exchange ".
  4. The live version by Hillsong LIVE, released in " A Beautiful Exchange " is performed by the Australian worship leader Jad Gillies, with a worship ( pop / rock ) style, begins with a soft piano and drums, ( played by Peter James and Brandon Gillies respectively ) lasting 5 : 44 in the album ( 6 : 10 in DVD ), captures all the live spirit and inspiration during all the song, the crowd can be heard worshipping and singing the entire song, and the DVD, includes a longer ending, also sung by the crowd.


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