a beautiful new worldの例文


  1. Eager to explore tropical waters, Paul withdrew his savings and flew to the Cayman Islands to dive during a spring break _ an adventure that opened up a beautiful new world.
  2. In June 1998, after representing Taiwan Beer in its new television commercial, Wu also appeared in a Chinese movie " A Beautiful New World ", playing the part of a street singer.
  3. His first feature was " A Beautiful New World " ( " Meili Xin Shijie ", 1998 ), a romantic comedy about a peasant who wins an apartment in Shanghai in a lottery.
  4. Seeing that Sharon and Og have found their dreams, he goes off again in search of his own rainbow, saying'Maybe there's no pot of gold at the end of it, but there's a beautiful new world under it .'The cast tells him goodbye, promising to see him in Glocca Morra ( " Finale " ).


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