a bell is a cupの例文


  1. The record mostly consists of reinterpretations of live performances of material from the band's previous record, " A Bell Is a Cup . . . Until It Is Struck ".
  2. Between 1981 and 1985, Wire ceased recording and performing in favour of solo and non-Wire collaborative projects such as A Bell Is a Cup ", heavily rearranged, edited, and remixed.
  3. Found A Bell Is a Cup in : Category : All articles with dead external links sorted at A but I have checked the article itself and it has DEFAULTSORT : Bell is a Cup coded so I would expect to find it appearing at B . It appears to be correctly sorted in other categories in which is appears ( for example : Category : 1988 albums so the problem appears to be with the category rather than the article itself . ..
  4. Music journalist Joe Tangari, writing for pitchfork . com, reflected on Spigel's contribution to Githead's first album Headgit, released in 2004 : " Spigel's bass thumps and bounces, giving Newman's detached vocal leads a funky underpinning and helping to humanize the rhythms provided by something called the Beat Monster . . . . It's actually not difficult to imagine A Bell Is a Cup-era Wire coming up with something like this, though Spigel's deft funkiness  especially on " Profile "  helps set the two sounds apart some ."


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