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  1. The practical difficulty of the constitutional problem gave the " court parson ", as August von Gneisenau had contemptuously called him, excuse enough for a change of front which, incidentally, would please his exalted patrons.
  2. To meet his attack from the west, a change of front was made, which brought the One Hundred and Twenty-first on the extreme left of the line, having upon its right the Twentieth New York, then a battery, and upon the extreme right, the One Hundred and Forty-second.
  3. The Prussian 3rd Brigade ( General Jagow's ) had made a change of front to its left, and approached the village; the 3rd Battalions of both the 7th and 29th Regiments had been detached to the right, to protect the Foot Batteries Nos . 3 and 8, and to remain in reserve; the four remaining battalions descended into the village as a reinforcement.
  4. Colonel Th黰bn was killed at their head, by a cannon shot, and was succeeded by Lieutenant Colonel Schmiedeberg, who ordered both these regiments to make a change of front to the right; when the Prussian Lancers dashed forward to meet the advance of a French regiment, which they completely defeated, and having followed up the attack with a vigorous pursuit, fell all at once among the French reserves; but the reserves immediately recovered themselves, and rallied with great celerity, order, and precision.
  5. Subsequently, French cavalry were perceived between Mellet and Villers-Perruin; whereupon Colonel Marwitz, who had been reinforced by two squadrons of the Pomeranian Hussars, ordered a change of front of his brigade in this direction, then deployed his eight squadrons in two lines, with considerable intervals, and withdrew them, alternately, towards the high road; followed, though not vigorously, by three French regiments of cavalry and a battery, comprising Jaquinot's light Cavalry Division, attached to d'Erlon's Corps.


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