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  1. In September 1989, he performed in Ayckbourn's " A Chorus of Disapproval " at the South Coast Repertory.
  2. Dee's first West End production was Gillian Lynne's 1986 revival of " A Chorus of Disapproval " by Alan Ayckbourn.
  3. And on a less polite note, Matthiew Kassovitz's " Assassins " drew a chorus of disapproval for its facile ideas about violence.
  4. The pro-Hrawi lobbying may have remained behind the scenes, but it has been strong enough to touch off a chorus of disapproval from opponents of the idea.
  5. Aboriginal musician Dana McPadden, 26, who has appeared on TV and in children's videos, had led a chorus of disapproval of Myer's move.


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