a disease of languageの例文


  1. From this claim M黮ler derived his theory that mythology is " a disease of language ".
  2. These were collected, with additional interview material, in 2006 as " A Disease of Language " by Palmano Bennett and Knockabout Comics ( ISBN 0861661532 ).
  3. Symbiomism diagnoses religion to be a disease of language, recognises that opposition to religion per se might be an exercise in futility, and furnishes an analytical model for understanding the Darwinian mechanics by which cultural entities, pathological and benign, are propagated.
  4. In 1998, after completing the artwork for " From Hell ", Moore played the CD recording to artist Eddie Campbell, who immediately asked if he could do a pictorial interpretation; this was self-published by Campbell in 1999 . In 2005, it was reprinted as part of Moore and Campbell's " A Disease of Language ".


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