a dish of teaの例文


  1. Imagine sitting down to a dish of tea-smoked duck in red curry, accented with a smooth pinot noir from Sonoma County's Russian River Valley, then walking across the feudal hall that is the Ahwahnee hotel's dining room to discuss the wine with the woman who made it, or inquiring about the entree's spices with the man who prepared it.
  2. Redford co-wrote " A Dish of Tea With Doctor Johnson " with Max Stafford-Clark and Russell Barr and starred as Samuel Johnson in London and Edinburgh, opposite Barr as Boswell . " The Guardian " rated the production 4 / 5, saying " the two actors precisely convey . . . the constantly shifting nature of the relationship " between the men and concluding " this is a rare treat in which the performers seem to own the material ".


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