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  1. Their debut documentary'A Donde Vas ?'was an official selection at the San Diego Latin Film Festival of 2011,.
  2. Para ver a donde va a parar gran parte de ese credito hay que dar una vuelta en auto por las congestionadas calles panamenas.
  3. "A Donde Va " contains bowed strings with a string ensemble, an electric piano playing, ambient synthesizers, a brass horn ensemble and hand drums.
  4. Los Bukis, led by Marco Antonio Sol韘, were the second artists to reach number-one with their album, " A Donde Vas ".
  5. "Nadie Sabe A Donde Va " is inspired by Atocha train station . " Ni Tu Ni Yo " is the only duet on the album, as it features Mexican ranchera singer Paquita la del Barrio.


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