a female beeの例文


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  1. A female bee helps Fred escape by leading other bees to swarm at a driver in a truck with Fred hostage.
  2. From there, they transfer to a female bee, and from there to the bee nest to parasitize the bee larvae.
  3. The lip of the flower resembles the ( bilaterally symmetric ) abdomen of a female bee; pollination occurs when a male bee attempts to mate with it . ]]
  4. When creating a new nest, a female bee will make foraging trips for resin in order to construct the hives and this process will last anywhere from 8 minutes to 15 minutes.
  5. Apparently, the researchers report in Nature, a male bee mistakes a clump of triungulins for a female bee ( using both visual and olfactory cues ), and tries to mate with it.


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