a near escapeの例文


  1. After a near escape from a car crusher, Alex is asked to visit Ian's former employers, a bank called " Royal & General . " He breaks into Ian's office, discovering evidence of his uncle's double life before he is knocked out.
  2. :Contents : " The Pilgrim Road, The Man-Eater, Terror, Arrival, Investigation, The First Kill, Locating the Leopard, The Second Kill, Preparations, Magic, A Near Escape, The Gin Trap, The Hunters Hunted, Retreat, Fishing Interlude, Death of a Goat, Cyanide Poisoning, Touch and Go, A Lesson in Caution, A Wild Boar Hunt, Vigil on a Pine Tree, My Night of Terror, Leopard Fights Leopard, A Shot in the Dark, Epilogue"


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