a necessary endの例文


  1. Taylor is the author of " A Necessary End, " a 1994 memoir about dealing with his aging father.
  2. ""'A Necessary End " "'is the third novel by Canadian detective fiction writer Inspector Banks series of novels.
  3. Glenn, who retired from the Senate last month, will write the book with Nick Taylor, whose memoir of his parents was entitled " A Necessary End ."
  4. In previous essays, Publius had already shown that,  extensive powers for the national government were necessary means of attaining a necessary end . " However, critics continued to argue that these extensive powers were too broad, unnecessary, and easily abused.
  5. "The humiliation should be seen as a necessary end to a misadventure that started when the Philippines, understandably out of concern over the stalking menace of terrorism at home and abroad, put its weight behind the United States in the invasion of Iraq, " the Philippine Daily Inquirer said in an editorial Friday.


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