a r kaneの例文


  1. A R Kane continued, releasing the critically acclaimed though commercially unsuccessful albums " i ".
  2. A R Kane gave interviews to the music press in which they explained that while they were proud to have been part of M | A | R | R | S, it was not an experience they were keen to repeat.
  3. The band's sound, though diverse, was influenced by the likes of dream pop mainstays A R Kane, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive, 1970s German krautrock groups like Medicine; a split EP was released to promote it.
  4. Colourbox attempted to carry on using the name M | A | R | R | S, but were not willing to pay the ?00, 000 that A R Kane wanted for full rights to the name, and the project remained a one-off.
  5. The single was the product of an uneasy collaboration between electronic group Colourbox and alternative rock band A R Kane, two groups signed to the independent label 4AD . The link-up was suggested by label founder Ivo Watts-Russell after the two groups had independently sounded him out about the possibility of releasing a commercially oriented dance record, inspired by the American house music that was starting to make an impact on the UK chart.


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