a scream in the darkの例文


  1. ""'A Scream in the Dark " "'is a 1943 American mystery film directed by George Sherman and written by Anthony Coldeway and Gerald Schnitzer.
  2. It's a much more classic frame . " He continued, " Everything hinged from finding this very lovely, steep stairwell and thinking'Wouldn't it be great if she leapt off that, and then tumbled down the stairs ?'I had this image in my head that I wanted lots of oranges rolling down, not quite sure where that comes from, but it looked pretty . " Mylod also stated in a separate interview that it was a conscious decision not to show the final fight between Arya and the Waif, given that it took place in the dark, noting " when the character dies in the dark, unless we switch on night-vision goggles, we're not going to be able to see that, and we're not going to stick around to hear a scream in the dark anyway.


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