a sea cave near lisbonの例文


  1. ""'A Sea Cave Near Lisbon " "'is an silent actuality film, directed by Henry Short, featuring a view looking out to sea through the Boca do Inferno ( Hell's Mouth ) cave near Lisbon, with waves breaking in.
  2. Films documenting waves had become popular with audiences, as exemplified by the April 1896 film " Rough Sea at Dover ", and many others were produced in the years up to 1912 . " A Sea Cave Near Lisbon " was, however, the first cinematic depiction of a cave.
  3. Unlike most of the other films from Short's trip, " A Sea Cave Near Lisbon " has survived in its entirety, and has been made available on the British Film Institute DVD collection " RW Paul : The Collected Films 1895-1908 ", with music by silent film accompanist Stephen Horne.
  4. He has also pointed to the importance of " A Sea Cave Near Lisbon " and the other films shown in " A Tour of Spain and Portugal " in terms of its contribution to the history of the British documentary movement, of which he describes R . W . Paul as " was one of its most important precursors . " Where previously, factual films generally consisted of stand-alone actualities intended for individual show, the programme put together by Paul from Henry Short's sequences was his first attempt to gather short actualities into a longer collective work.


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