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  1. "It was a winter romance, " he says.
  2. The real finger-snapping appeal, though, is the liberal sprinkling of selections from Martin's 1959 seasonal recording, " A Winter Romance ."
  3. ""'A Winter Romance " "'is a long playing album recorded by Dean Martin between July and August 1959 and released on November 16 of the same year.
  4. This was Martin's only album of Christmas music released on Reprise Records ( his only other Christmas album, " A Winter Romance ", having been released in 1959 on Capitol Records ).
  5. In the song, she reminisces a winter romance : " I remember us together / With a promise of forever . " The twelfth and final track " Everything You're Not " was co-written by Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins and Lovato.


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